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The Facial Yoga Oil Story

The Facial Yoga Oil Story

For several years I have travelled to India for Ayurveda treatments, yoga, and to learn wellness techniques from local

On my last visit I noticed the local villagers using an oil as a skin healer. When I asked what is was I learned that it
had been used since ancient times but whilst incredibly effective, it did have a strong smell. I further discovered it
was oil from the seeds and leaves of the Neem tree, cold pressed as the most natural form of extraction to retain the
healing properties for many skin conditions. These include cuts and bites, sunburn, damaged skin and acne.
Application leaves the skin feeling nourished and moisturized.

The Idea of using this traditional old Indian oil in a product to be used in my Face Yoga routine stayed with me during
my onward trip to Germany to visit my parents.

My father is a Doctor Professor and is responsible for many products made by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, so I asked him
about using Neem oil in a product and how we could refine it to rid it of the smell. He tried some etheric oils which
normally work but to no avail. He then introduced a natural wax produced in the skin glands of ducks to impregnate
their skin and feathers to waterproof themselves and enable them to swim. After oil spills ducks are often washed
with strong soaps to remove the thick oil and the wax is washed out also making the birds unable to swim and stay
afloat.This special wax is able to spread by itself from very small amounts onto the skin and acts also as a carrier for other
oils. Because it is not water soluble it is absorbed into the subcutaneous fat tissue below the skins outer layer
without entering the body. The combinations of those characteristics in such small amounts, the results are achieved and the smell is greatly
reduced with a positive effect on the skin structure for up to 28 days.

The combination wax and Neem oil is so unique it provides a glide to the skin without leaving an oily residue, making
it perfect for your skin during Face Yoga as it travels into the dermis enhancing the production of collagen and
elastin, creating a plumping effect, thus minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
We have added Rose Geranium oil and Lavender oil. These etheric oils have a fresh natural fragrance and brighten
your complexion, unclog pores and provide a soothing calming effect.
This unique oil is ideal for mature, broken and dehydrated skin in place of day and/or night cream.

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