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About Me

Carin Andresen

Hi, my name is Carin Andresen. I was raised in a small village north of Germany. Although the area was old fashioned and not very beauty conscious, I was interested from a young age in the world of well being and beauty.

After finishing school I trained at the National School of Aestetics to become a qualified Beauty Therapist and also then started modeling. This career took me to Italy, Hong-Kong and eventually I ended up in New Zealand.

While modeling I had to use harsh products on my skin, which, alongside my father Prof. Andresen – an experienced scientist and product developer, led me to creating my own range of natural skincare products. My natural skin care products use Pine Bark Extract, a powerful natural antioxidant.

I incorporate my natural skin care products alongside my beauty and wellness treatments such as facials, pedicures and microneedling.

As I aged and went through menopause I developed severe skin conditions and hair loss which made me realize the deeper meaning of health and well being. Outer beauty changes, but inner beauty stays the same.

This is when I discovered Face Yoga as it combines the elements of breathing, exercise, acupressure points, massage and relaxation. I noticed changes to my face and mindset very early on in my Face Yoga journey.

I no longer have puffy eyes when I wake up, my headaches are gone and I have noticed that the skin on my face is more taut, so its kind of like natural botox!

Most importantly though, its a great way to practice self love by taking a minute for myself and honouring my body.

Carin Andresen