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Face yoga combines the elements of breathing, exercise, acupressure points, massage and relaxation into one. Learn skills that will help you grow younger, calmer and more confident in yourself.

Carin Andresen

Face Yoga Classes

I teach the techniques of face yoga via Zoom classes anywhere in the world. Classes can be in English or German. I offer a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation.

Carin Andresen

About Me

My name is Carin Andresen and I am a qualified beauty therapist and face yoga instructor. Face Yoga has helped me rejuvenate my face and renew my mindset. I look forward to sharing the proven techniques of face yoga with you.

Face Yoga

Face yoga is a series of facial exercises and massage that stimulate the muscles, skin and lymphatic system to improve complexion and smooth wrinkles.

It increases blood flow and lymph flow to eliminate toxins, and helps fight the response to stress

About Me

Raised in a small village north of Germany, I have been interested from a young age in the world of well being and beauty.

As I got older which made me realize the deeper meaning of health and well being. Outer beauty changes, but inner beauty stays the same.

As I aged and went through menopause, I developed severe skin conditions and hair loss discovered. This is when I discovered Face Yoga, which combines the elements of breathing, exercises, acupressure points, massages and relaxation.

I love helping others discover how they can change their mindset, along with their physical self, with the power of face yoga.

Carin Andresen

Not only has Carin has been amazing from the start in explaining the exercises via video chat, ins and outs and why and how long, she has been very honest and straight forward about the outcome.

Kathrin Morlak

Carin is a wonderful teacher, and excellent guide. My journey is about posture, and strengthening the neck and jaw area, and her face yoga process is an important part of that journey. She shares her knowledge freely and I appreciate the calming and centering focus of the sessions.

Jénifer Silva

THANK YOU Carin Andresen for my Face yoga session I have for sure had some positive shifts this week and BETTER sleep! Please jump in all and see Carin!

Linda Morrison

I love how Carin structures her yoga sessions. I highly recommend investing in Carin’s Face Yoga classes where she combines the elements of breathing, exercise, acupressure points, massage and relaxation into a process that is easy to implement on a daily basis.

Cindy Cooley Brockway

I’ve really been enjoying my facial yoga sessions with Carin! Even though I’ve been a yoga instructor for over 20 years, I seem to have forgotten my face and I have found these sessions to be incredible valuable, I am already seeing positive differences (less tension in my face, head neck and jaw, stopping headaches as they creep in, becoming more mindful) and I know that with consistent daily practice the years are going to start dropping away too!

Rose Pon

A friend took me along to Carin’s face yoga class. What I assumed would be simple face contorting was a little of that but so so much more!
Carin has a calming demeanour as she lead us through movements with information explaining each muscle activated.
Seems odd to say it really was quite a facial and arm workout. Especially for me, the eye muscles. And perhaps a dichotomy, it was calming and relaxing.

Vicki Chammen

Carin is an absolute joy to work with. Her service is so much more than the facial Yoga.
She makes you feel incredibly special, and for the time you are working with her, you will feel light, calm and very relaxed.
The actual facial yoga is excellent and I had such amazing results on my skin after just 6 sessions. My skin is brighter, lips fuller and my deep lines are much improved.
Thank you Carin x

Emma Butler

Carin is an amazing wellbeing face yoga coach that does more than just face yoga. Her sessions will help you feel more calm, relaxed, rejuvenated, while your face will increase the production of collagen in a very natural enjoyable way.
Carin will introduce you to calmness and beauty at the same time.
I recommend her sessions/program to busy professional women or overwhelmed housewives in a great need for self-care. We can all benefit from working with people like Carin.

Monica Periade

I started the techniques just a few weeks ago and have noticed increased firmness in my jaw line. I want to try everything available to fight the aging process. These are simple effective movements that most fluffy facials don’t offer.

Carolyn P Wink

Working virtually with Carin is the most relaxing and best part of my week. She always greets me with a smile in her voice and makes me feel like she is there 100% for me! She starts our sessions with a little meditation – that helps me step away from my day at the computer and loosen up my shoulders and relax. I love the exercises she has taught me, and her encouragement to just incorporate a few of them into my routine. I can do this! I feel happier and more peaceful every week! She’s a wonderful instructor!

Terry Gustafson Kempfert

Carin has been such a wonderful teacher, very calm, engaging and knowledgeable. When I think about how you feel getting a facial or massage and how great you feel after, I now get that same feeling practicing face yoga every day. I can sometimes be not that great continuing with something new, but I have done it every day since I started 4 weeks ago. I certainly notice my skin looking and feeling better. Carin is a gem and I would highly recommend. What an investment.

Diane Morris

Prior to working with Carin, I felt stressed and overwhelmed in my business. I did not have a solid self care routine and was so disconnected from myself. I started facial yoga out of curiosity and interest, as I hadn’t heard of it before and I wanted to try something new. Carin’s personality, energy, knowledge and wisdom drew me in. I have loved investing in myself and being Carin’s 1:1 client learning new skills, techniques and self care practices. Thank you so much Carin. I am excited for all the women you will continue to help!

Liz Ross

After getting a few photos taken, I noticed how much tension I had in the jaw. My smile was definitely looking a bit thin. Carin’s recommendations improved both the look and feel of my face.

Rosemary Gaia

I am early in my facial yoga journey but Carin has helped me out together a great daily routine which is easy to incorporate in my day and I’m really pleased with the progress.
Carin is a great instructor and I love the fact that she offers ongoing support … will be there whenever I have questions or need some new suggestions. She’s with me for life!
I highly recommend Carin.

Annette Williams

Carin helped me set up a new routine for myself that has already helped me relieve tension & stress. She’s shown me that just a few minutes a day of facial yoga exercises can make a world of difference! These exercises will be part of my daily routine for the rest of my life!! I’m so grateful to have been connected with Carin, and would highly recommend her for anyone battling migraines or headaches!

Mikaela Danielle

Did you hear about Face Yoga ? – it’s activation of your muscles to reduce sagging, prevent deeper lines, iron out some lines from the inside – that’s what I called this practice.
Contact my friend Carin Andresen for more info #yourbodywillthankyo

Kerstin Tauber

Our face is the window to the stress that we carry. I learned to locate the tension, release the tension with loving strokes, and then lighten the energy to look my radiant self.
Thank you Carin! You were so much fun to work with and I enjoyed every minute.

Julie Ann Burgess

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